Student Study Plan & Projects

Guide for Constructing Your Study Plan 

e.g., CHNS394: China through the Media

Learning Objectives

Generic:  I can understand the main idea and supporting details in texts on a variety of topics of my own interest, as well as some professional topics. I can follow newspaper stories in various time frames. I can understand texts written in different columns in newspapers. (Based on NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements)

By the end of this semester, I will be able to (use the above paragraph as a reference)

  • Understand …

Materials (select what you plan to read with the help of your instructor):

  • News sources including (but not limited to): newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, etc. 

The list of reference (not limited to):

Weekly Routine:

1. Before the weekly meeting:

  •  Read and/or view the materials
  •  Make a list of vocabulary and syntactic structures that you have learned (from readings)
  •  Send brief reports summarizing what has been read/viewed before meetings

Learning modules that facilitate Chinese newspaper reading:

2. Meeting with your instructor:

  • Short Presentation on what has been read
  • Q&A and discussion on the content of the readings
  • Q&A on linguistic elements such as vocabulary and structural patterns 


Weekly Reports:40%
Final report/essay:20% (two project-based learning projects)

Links to Students’ Projects

  • Project Title – Student’s Name
  • Project Title – Student’s Name
  • Project Title – Student’s Name