READING NEWSPAPERS IN CHINESE is here to help you to open up an amazing new world of all sorts of information through—READING. This site is designed to provide you with digital tools and learning modules that will support you as you work to improve your reading proficiency. We also provide a culled list of newspapers to get you started on your journey. We welcome contributions to this site. To do so, please see the Contact and Call for Contributions pages linked in the top menu.

We would like to thank the CODEX (Collaborative for Digital Engagement and Experience) leadership at the Five Colleges of Ohio for supporting this project. We would especially like to thank Heather Fitz Gibbon, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology and Jacob Heil, Digital Scholarship Librarian & Dir. of Core, Libraries, Global Media & Digital Studies at the College of Wooster for their leadership during the CODEX Summer Institute.